Meeting Clients Where They Are.....

Working in the counseling field you never know who might walk through your door or be on the
screen when the session starts. With time things change; therapy sessions are being conducted
in various ways and the therapist needs to be prepared to meet their client where they are at.
Being able to connect with everyone is an essential part of counseling and that’s what Mind of
Peace Counseling LLC strives for. We are here to bridge the gap through listening and
understanding each client individual needs.
Daily people are looking for new ways to cope/manage their mental health or substance abuse
issues. Being vulnerable to share your own life experiences and learning through various
techniques and skills could improve in your life. With writing this blog I came a crossed a
YouTube video “Meeting people where they are” attached
So, I can procrastinate at times (writing this blog), but I encourage each one of you if you’re
struggling reach out the team at Mind of Peace Counseling LLC, will do our best to get you
through your clouds.
When your sky gets cloudy, just wait there is blue sky to follow.

Lyndsey Burton, MS LPC