A little help...

When Lynette told me to write the next blog, I was thinking, “What’s a blog?” Evidently,
it is a place to share some wisdom or at least a tidbit about life. Like Lynette, I may be way off
the mark, and here goes.
Being a therapist is about the coolest job in the world, folks. I have worked in a few
different industries including the oilfield, construction, and even a short stint as a garbage truck
driver. While I miss some of the aspects of those other jobs, this is where I was meant to be. I tell
people, “If I’d have know how much I’d love this, I’d have done it 20 years ago!” However,
Would I have been ready to listen and help people way back then? I think not. I was being
prepared through my own struggles to finally become what I am today, and many are going
through their own struggles in this moment.
Many years ago, I was working as a supervisor for a major oilfield company when the
Great Recession hit. Miraculously, I was spared and kept my job. In fact, I was given a demotion
with a pay raise to do the exact same job as before! It was at about this same time life hit me in
the face with my first preparation: I was learning who I was as an individual. I no longer
desired to work 90 hours per week, and I began looking for alternative ways of earning a living.
Over the course of the next three years, I learned how to budget better, cook, clean, and do
laundry (YUCK!).
Fast forward a couple of years, and I was working a delivery driver at a lumber yard. I
loved that job, and I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. After being called to be a counselor/therapist, I
enrolled in college. It was online, yet it taught me how to manage my time because I was
independently earning a degree and preparing me for graduate school. Graduate school was some of the most stressful and wonderful times of my life. Yes, there were deadlines and sacrifices that needed to be made. That time taught me how to handle the stress better and lean into the quality relationships I have.
You may be wondering why I decided to write about my past? Like me, you may be
currently going through some battles of your own. It is incredibly difficult to claw your way out
of that pit without help. However, we tend to talk about being in this pit with other people who
are currently in the pit with you who have no idea how to get out. So, how do you get out? You
ask for help from folks who are NOT in the pit because they have worked through similar battles.
We, as a human race, are made for relationships. If you are currently in a pit with what seems
like no way out, we are here for you.

With much love, admiration, and respect,
Tim Porter
Clinical Therapist